Study VISIT (A.T2.2., D.T2.2) - Ziua 2 -MARLENA
  • 06.02.2021 / 1 h

Study VISIT (A.T2.2., D.T2.2) - Ziua 2

Study VISIT (A.T2.2., D.T2.2) - Day 2 BARBOSI Sorting and Composting Station, Galati

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Study Visit (A.T2.2., D.T2.2. -MARLENA
  • 06.02.2021 / 4 -: 4 h

Study Visit (A.T2.2., D.T2.2.

Study VISIT - VALEA MARULUI Integrated Waste Management System (SMID) 04.02.2021

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Thematic conference, Galati -MARLENA
  • 16.12.2019 / 1 h

Thematic conference, Galati

Thematic conference (Activity A.T1.4 and D.T1.4.2) with stand to present the results of the project. The event will be subject to the analysis of the Guide of good practices regarding waste management,...

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The local public-private partnership established for the sustainable development of the Galati County Fisheries Area enjoys a broad commitment and support from local communities.

Galati Association for sustainable Development Prut-Dunare - FLAG Galati - is a public-private partnership between public authorities, the private sector and civil society (NGOs).

FLAG is a Local Action Group, a local development support structure built on the LEADER bottom-up approach. FLAG Galati is involved at European level as member in FARNET (DG MARE`s support structure) and since its set up in 2011 is involved on increasing awareness of population on the necesisty of sustainable development of the area and increassing access to information and education, increassing interest of public and private sector to the new opportunities within Local development Strategy.

FLAG Galati is a public-private partnership with 10 founders members that provides a balanced institutional reprezentation bringing both economic interest by reprezentatives of business support organization, and private organizations and social interest by public authorieties, public institutions and ornaizations, reprezentatives of NGO`s sector.

FLAG Galati is specialized in identifying the problems of the communities, opportunities and appropiate modalities of actions.